Invitation to the Podcast

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If we had the advantage of getting a glimpse into the private life of every person we encountered every single day, we’d live our days with more understanding, compassion, and love, and with less judgment and less division.

When we see each other as people — with lives and stories and personal hardships…

When we see each other as people  — with love and grace and joy and sorrow …

When we have the selflessness to remember the world does not revolve around us

Only then can we find common ground.

Only then can we experience empathy.

Only then can we allow our minds to wander into the shoes of another.

Only then can we wake up to the reality that we all want to live free, happy, fulfilled lives without ridiculous barriers erected by archaic thinking and the subversive false pretense of human hierarchy.

Only then can we learn that success, joy and power are not zero sum.

If you view me (or others) as less than, remember this:

My/their success does not diminish yours. It supports it.

My/their joy does not diminish yours. It supports it.

My/their power does not diminish yours. It supports it.

My/their light does not diminish yours. It supports it.

Through zero sum lenses, there is conflict and division and separation, and this planet is cracking as a result of trying to balance a world of pain on top of a shoddy now crumbling false foundation.

As I recently heard said, it is time to do right, not be right.

It’s time to reach out to one another in love, not fear. It is time to listen.

The Another Door Opens blog is officially a podcast. I want to invite those of you who follow me here, who have not found the podcast yet, to come visit over there.

It is called Another Door Opens with Stephanie Himango, and each week I interview a different guest about part of their life, and most of the time, some type of turning point when they experienced struggle or hardship, self-reflection or pain, and the strength and resilience and life lessons they drew on or discovered through the process of that transformative moment or time.  You will see yourself in each person. You will find connection.

The idea is exactly as you find here — a series of guest-centric interviews that over time will represent a beautiful cross-section of people with all different types of backgrounds and experiences.

I hope you come visit the podcast and keep coming back, to listen to my guests, one week at a time.  I hope you leave uplifted.

I hope you experience an opening: of heart and mind.

Thank you and sending you all peace & love.   Click here to go to the podcast

What did this post make you think about? Did it stir self-reflection? I'd love to hear from you. Add a comment or participate in a discussion. Share this with a friend and give the free gift of story.

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